MSB Technology - you must hear it to believe it

MSB from its very beginning (1986), has specialised in decoding the digital audio signals. At present the company offers high-end audio equipment such as: DACs, transports and amplifiers.





MSB, was founded in 1986 by two engineers - Larry S. Gullman and Mark S. Brasfield, who first met in SRI (Menlo Park, Kalifornia), where they both worked. It was the time, when the audio market saw a slow beginning of a CD revolution. It was clearly known, that CD technology shall involve a great deal of work in order to become competitive with LPs as far as the sound was concerned. Gullman and Brasfield showed the DAC, as a part of equipment which needed the instant intervention, and founded the MSB company in order to cope with the problem. The letters MSB stand for „Most Significant Bit”, which is the bit position in a binary number having the greatest value. MSB are surprisingly enough, also Mark S. Brasfield's initials. MSB from its very beginning has specialised in decoding the digital audio signals and their first step was redesigning Philips CD player and its inside DAC. On the company's internet site one can find "a short MSB history" which shows their great potential:

1986: first product – a modified Philips CD player
1986: the company is founded by Larry S. Gullman and Mark S. Brasfield
1989: the company becomes incorporated
1994: first AC-3 output for LaserDisc demonstrated to Dolby
1995: first THX approved LaserDisc Player (Runco LJR II)
1995: first out board AC-3 demodulator (Lexicon LDD-1)
1997: first out board DTS processor (Millennium 2.4.6)
1997: first digital output on a DSS receiver
1998: first mass marketed 24 bit 96K DAC (LINK DAC)
2000: first discrete sign-magnitude 384 kHz Ladder DAC (Platinum DAC)
2001: first discrete asynchronous upsampler (Platinum Plus 192 kHz)
2005: first 80 bit DSP based digital filter (16X Filter)
2006: first iPod based digital music server (iLink)
2009: first 384 kHz inputs and upsampling (DAC III)
2009: first 32 bit interface (Xport)
2010: 384 kHz Bit Perfect USB input (Signature USB on DAC IV)
2010: first CD transport that could play data files up to 32 bit, 384 kHz (Data CD IV)
2011: first clock with Jitter under 1 psec (77 Femtosecond Galaxy Clock)

The MSB digital system is the lowest jitter, most technically advanced, most musical playback system in the world today!

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