VCC-5 Reference Center

Vandersteen VCC 5

Combining Science, Music and Home Theater the VCC- 5 Reference Center speaker sets new standards. The VCC-5 Reference Center was developed for use with the Model Five, 3A Signature and Reference Monitor speakers in high performance multi-channel systems. The VCC- 5 is a three-way design based on the VCC- 1 Signature, but with the addition of two (2) 6.5-inch cast-basket woofers. These woofers are internally mounted and cross over at 150Hz to the coaxial system, which has a crossover frequency of 3500Hz. A true triaxial output is achieved by channeling bass around the midrange-tweeter coaxial array. This eliminates the severe comb filter lobing produced by horizontally displaced drivers. The result is a Reference level performance, both in measurement and sound, regardless of off-axis perspective above, below or to the right or left of the speaker. While not an easy design goal to meet, we feel this property is mandatory for a proper center speaker and it is found in all of our VCC’s. The VCC- 5 Reference preserves the coherence of the VCC-1 Signature while broadening frequency extension, lowering distortion and increasing power handling.

Frequency responsE: 50Hz to 30kHz + or – 2dB.
Sensitivity: 85dB at 1 meter with a 2.83 volt input.
Recommended amplifier: 60 to 200 watts per channel into 8 ohms.
Impedance: 6ohms, nominal, 4 ohms minimum.
Crossover: 150Hz, 3500Hz, 6dB per octave.
Phase: All the drivers are connected in positive absolute phase.
Dimensions: 24" X 93/4" X 18" Deep, 68lbs. Net 76lbs. Gross

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