Vandersteen 2W
Drivers: (3) 8" critically damped, long fiber cones with butyl rubber surrounds. 1.5 inch, 4 layer voice coils in 40 oz. magnet structures. (1) 12" coupledmass passive radiator.
Crossover: Electrical: 12dB per octave at 150Hz.
Amplifier: 300 watt with no current limiting. Input impedance more than 100,000 ohms. Uses 10 watts at idle.
Controls: Adjustable sensitivity to maximize processor resolution and signal to noise. Variable phase control to match any main speakers. +or- 90 degree adjustment of each input provides 360 degree phase capability.
Inputs: (2) RCA jacks, (1) normal (1) phase inverted, accept Subwoofer or LFE channel output from a multi-channel processor.
System: Third order (QB3) passive radiator. -3dB at 20Hz. Upper frequency limit processor dependent.
Physical: 18.5" high x 18" wide x 17" deep. 91 pounds gross. 80 pounds net.

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