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The Absolute Sound
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The Absolute Sound
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Stereophile Recommended Component


Introducing the new shape of affordable vibration control: the Vibrapod Cone. Made to be used in conjunction with a set of Vibrapods or on their own, Vibrapod Cones can support up to 10 lbs. per cone, either point-up or point-down. Vibrapod Cones will enhance the performance of your audio and video gear by protecting your equipment from room and rack vibrations. Used by themselves, or in combination with their siblings (the amazingly affordable Vibrapods…see image), you can boost the performance of your system for a song (or a symphony, an aria etc....)

Vibrapod Cones are made from the same material as Vibrapods, but are cone shaped, and have ball bearings in their tips. Using a set of 3 or four underneath your component will give you a quieter background and therefore more detail. Subtle clues that lend to the realism of the performance will be easier to hear, and your music will be richer and less fatiguing. Place a Gutwire Notepad on top of the component chassis and you’ve got the most affordable effective isolation and damping combo available! Easy to use and extremely affordable, there's no reason not to try several sets.


"...Cones without a doubt take the Vibrapods to the next perfomance level."
John Potis,, June, 2004

"In my experience, that makes them the best buy in audio--nothing else begins to come close."
Dan Davis, UltraAudio, April, 2004

"What was really telling in my goin back and forth from cones to Pods was that, when the Pods were on duty, I would forget what I was doing and just sit there listening. Doesn't that say it all?"
Bruce Kennett, Listener Magazine, Autumn 1998

"Forget all that stupid voodoo-science others may have told you and test drive a set of Vibrapod Isolators: your ears will definitely thank you.
Ludio Cadeddu, TNT-Audio - Internet HiFi magazine, January, 1999

"Synergizers, this is simply the single most significant tweak I've run across - hands down.
Greg Weaver, SoundStage!, January, 1999

"Short of a complete megabuck overhaul, I have never heard (or heard of), anything that got that kind of overwhelming, dramatic improvement!"
Anna Logg, the abso!ute sound, Issue 118, June/July 1999

"It's hard to beat the cost/performance benefit provided by the Vibrapod isolation feet, seen nearly everywhere this year."
Shannon Dickson, Stereophile Magazine, May, 1999 (Vol. 22 No. 5)


Double Truncated Vinyl Cone  
3/8" chrome ball standard (User replaceable withy any 3/8" bearing)  
1" tall, 1 5/8" diameter  
10 lbs maximum weight each  
Can be used together with Vibrapods

Vibrapod Cone  69 zł
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