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Ayre Acoustics announces a new generation of CD players.

Ayre Acoustics is pleased to announce two new disc players, the CX-7eMP compact disc player and the C-5xeMP universal disc player.  The new MP series disc players incorporate Ayre’s exclusive Minimum-Phase digital filter and single-pass 16x oversampling system.

According to Charles Hansen -- founder and designer, “The MP filter provides a significant step ahead in digital audio reproduction”.  The technological improvements translate into a more vivid and spatial soundstage, a richer and more complex tonal presentation and the sense of ease of a live acoustic event.

To learn more about the MP series disc players visit AYRE at:



We are very proud to inform that AYRE Acoustics, specializing in manufacturing of high-end audio components, established us as a exclusive distributor for Poland.

AYRE components are well known and appreciated for their emotional, tube like, free of any aggression natural sound, and produce open and detailed soundstage. AYRE products won a lot of awards in Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, HiFi +, Enjoy The Music, Soundstage, The Perfect Vision, Audio Perfectionist and other well known high-end audio magazines.

Usher Dancer Mini 1 / Mini 2

USHER Audio introduced two small floor-standing models into Dancer Beryllium series, called Mini 1 (two-way speaker) and Mini 2 (two and half way speaker).

The new models will be available in Poland since middle March 2009.


Audio Research Reference CD8

Audio Research is proud to introduce a model that may be the most musical and musically accurate single-chassis compact disc player, the Reference CD8. It replaces a product that was still garnering five-star reviews three years after its introduction, the esteemed Reference CD7.

With the advent of the CD5 and DAC7 in 2008, it was obvious that the DAC used in our Reference player needed a newer, higher-resolution version. (The new 24-bit, 192-kHz chipset is not retrofittable to the CD7.) And, ARC engineers found a way to physically incorporate the same power-supply regulation used in the Reference 3, using a single 6550C to replace two 6H30 triodes, giving better performance and longer tube life. Other enhancements include the newest output coupling capacitors and special damping tweaks. The playback mechanism continues to be the unsurpassed Philips PRO2R — still the best dedicated CD mechanism available.


dCS U-Clock

dCS introduced Puccini U-Clock, a separate grade 1 system clock designed to reduce jitter and improve performance from Puccini player. The combination has to be heard to be believed!

The U-Clock also features USB to SPDIF conversion using dCS patent pending asychronous USB technology, enabling Puccini owners to present sound files from a PC or Mac to the legendary dCS Ring DAC onboard the Puccini at the same time as clocking the PC/Mac source and minimising jitter.



darTZeel is proud to introduce the new CTH-8550 full featured integrated amplifier.

This new product combines in one casing most of the good things musical lovers found in our flagship NHB series. The CTH-8550 features newly designed power output stages which include on board regulated power supplies for a very compact global layout. This new circuit brings outstanding transparency, speed, yet delicacy, giving a maximum listening pleasure.

With no less than nine inputs in total, the preamplifier section is dual-mono - one dedicated circuit per channel - with a minimal footprint which allows for very short signal paths. No doubt that this newcomer is a true darTZeel machine.

USHER Be-616

USHER Audio introduced Be616 - the new cenral channel speaker into top Dancer II Beryllium series.

The new speaker will retail at 1900 USD.


The Absolute Sound Golden Ear Awards 2005

The editors of The Absolute Sound awarded the best audio components with yearly Golden Ear Award 2005. A lot of products from our distribution offer were also awarded.

PrimaLuna Prologue Three preamplifier
PrimaLuna Prologue Five amplifier
Audio Research Reference 3 preamplifier
Audio Research 210 amplifier
USHER Dancer CP8571 II beryllium speakers
Kuzma Stabi S turntable
Kuzma Stogi S arm

Wilson Audio MAXX 2 speakers
Shunyata Hydra 2 i Hydra 8 power conditioners
Shunyata Python Helix Alpha i Python Helix Vx oraz Anaconda Helix Alpha i Anaconda Helix Vx power cords
EMM Labs CDSD CD/SACD transport
EMM Labs DAC-6e digital to analog converter


New Usher`s flagship 6-series speaker

Usher Audio extends its 6-series speaker line with the new CP-6391 3-way speaker. The new construstion is similar to 6381, but the new bass driver is used (the same as in Dancer AC10/AC20 series). Thanks to it`s diameter of 10" and greater casing volume, the bass goes down to remarkable 23 Hz. The speaker will be available for audition and sale in April.


"Enjoy The Music" awards

The "Enjoy The Music" chose Best Of 2004 Blue Note Awards. Two of the awarded products are in our distribution offer.

First is the affordable stand mounted speaker Usher X-708. Scott Faller says about it: "If you like the sound of Dynaudio`s, Paradigm`s or any of the other highly detailed sounding loudspeakers on the market, the Ushers will fit right in. They show a fair amount more control and bass extension than others I`ve heard in its price class".

The next one is Hyperion Sound Design HPS-938. Read with attention the Editor Steven R. Rochlin words: "If i was Dave Wilson of Wilson Audio i would be very nervous his over $20,000 Watt/Puppy sales will significantly diminish once word gets our about these loudspeakers. If you are looking to spend from $3,000 to $20,000 on a pair of full range floorstanding loudspeakers, it would be (frankly) stupid not to audition the HPS-938. Yes, they are that impressive!!! "

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Audio Show 2004.

All the music lovers are invited to visit our show room during Audio Show in Hotel Bristol, Warsaw on 13-14 November. We will be presenting mainly the news from our distribution offer: Canary Audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, world famous EMM Labs SACD digital sources, Peak Consult and Hyperion Sound speakers, and Stereovox cables. We will be using the best Shunyata power solutions to make the sound even better. We are going to show also the Bel Canto PL-1 universal player with multichannel preamlifier and power amplifiers, the new Verdi LaScala / Verona / Elgar Plus state of the art digital source from dCS and "hot" North Star Design solutions from "hot" Italy. What we want to show is the best from the best in audio state of the art technology.

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