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Shunyata Research Alpha Analog – power cord dedicated for analog devices


Shunyata Research introduces a new power cord, dedicated especially for analog devices - the Alpha Analog. The Alpha Analog is tuned specifically for the rectifier induced noise pulses generated by linear power supplies. It delivers a dramatic measurable reduction in both component and power line generated noise.

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Synergistic Research - new accessories


It is difficult to believe, that such unobtrusive accessories can do so much. These products have just been introduced, but they have already won the Product Of The Year 2013 prize in AV Showrooms magazine. These accesories are FEQ Equalizer, and the set of passive High Frequency Transducers (HFT).

FEQ Equalizer is an ultra low frequency RF pulse generator that acts as a low frequency dither to overpower the ambient RFI and EMI fields, negatively influencing the reproduced sound. HFTs, in turn, are tiny high frequency transducers that clean up high frequency harmonics in our listening room. HFTs literally cancel harmonic noise on any surface they are placed.

We strongly encourage to read the description, and also to test those incredible accessories for yourselves.

For more information on FEQ Equalizer – click here

For more information on HFTs – click here


Wilson Audio Sasha Series-2


Renowned american high-end loudspeaker producer, Wilson Audio, introduces a new model - Sasha Series-2. The loudspeaker will take place of currently offered Sasha W/P. The new product got new, enhanced time domain performance, and also a new silk dome tweeter already known from Alexandria XLF.

Together with Sasha Series-2, the new Mezzo CS was presented, which thanks to its low profile can meet difficult architectural challenges, or be used as a central loudspeaker.

More information on Sasha Series-2 – click here

More information on Mezzo CS – click here


Usher Audio Dancer Mini-X Diamond


The new speaker of a Taiwanese manufacturer, Usher Audio - Dancer Mini-X - the successor of widely rewarded BE-718, is already available in our offer. The speaker sports a DMD tweeter, the ‘hybrid’ dome that has a central alloy membrane, coated on both sides by ultra-thin layers of a diamondlike carbon coating.

For more information on Mini-X – click here


Aurender X100 music server


TVLogic , a leading Korean audio and UHD broadcast monitor manufacturer, is launching the much anticipated Aurender X100 digital music player at the 2014 International CES being held in Las Vegas from January 7-10. Designed to make managing, viewing and playing digital music collections fun and easy, the X100 supports bit-perfect playback of DSD (DIFF/DSF), WAV, FLAC, ALAC, APE, AIFF, M4A, and other major formats at native bit and sampling rates.

For more information on X100 – click here


Audio Research CD player/DAC CD6


The success of the Reference CD9 has shown that music lovers continue to embrace their compact disc collections while adding new digital sources like computer audio to their music systems. With that in mind, we are pleased to introduce the solid-state CD6 CD-DAC. Combining a super high-resolution compact disc player with a super high resolution digital-to-analog converter in one compact chassis, the CD6 is a perfect fit for modern music playback.

For more information on CD6 – click here


Audio Research SP20 tube preamplifier


As a result of the ever-increasing demand by dealers and distributors for a full-function preamplifier with a level of performance substantially above that of the SP17, we are pleased to introduce the striking new SP20 vacuum-tube preamplifier. Influenced by some of our classic groundbreaking SP preamplifiers but with performance that is only achievable by our best LS- and PH-series designs, the SP20 offers inspirational performance combined with real value.

For more information on SP20 – click here


Shunyata Research Alpha Digital – a new power cord


Shunyata Research has introduced a new power cord, Alpha Digital. Alpha Digital power cord was developed by Caelin Gabriel to target and measurably reduce the extreme high-frequency noise generated by all types of digital electronics, whether in audio or video applications.

For more information on Alpha Digital – click here


Stereophile – products of the year 2013 in our offer!


Since December 1992, Stereophile magazine has named a few special components its Products of the Year. In December the new issue will be published, in which the best components of 2013 are described. Amongst the components there are also those offered by Audiofast.




The flagship Aurender W20 music server is now available for shipping. The W20 is a high-performance music server with 6TB of internal storage capacity, a 240GB solid-state drive for cached playback, an Ethernet port for network connectivity, and a full range of digital outputs that include BNC, coaxial, AES/EBU, optical, and USB Audio Class 2.0.




Artesania Audio products are now offered by Audiofast store in Łódź. Artesania Audio is among the few producers of hi-end audio equipment racks appraised by the audiophile magazines’ reviewers. The company was founded by Jose Luis Lafarga in 1993 with an objective to create equipment racks that would reduce the resonances and vibrations generated by the audio systems themselves and those coming from the surroundings, and thus influencing the sound quality.


Audio Research Reference Phono 10 – a new phono preamplifier


The new top-notch phono preamplifier has just been introduced on the market by Audio Research Corporation – the Reference Phono 10 model [RP10 for short].


Momentum Preamplifier


The extraordinary stereo and mono amplifiers produced by Dan D’Agostino have finally found their perfect match.


New Audio Research VSi75 Integrated Amplifier


Audio Research keeps on designing new vacuum tube devices. A brand new VSi75 integrated amplifier has just been released on the market. It does not mean that the VSi75 will replace the previous VSi60 construction, which continues to receive excellent reviews from audio magazines around the world.


New Synergistic Research Element Series AC Power Cords


The Synergistic Research currently offers new Element Series AC power cords. The handful of technologies originally used in SR’s prestigious Galileo system cables, including Active Shielded Air Dielectrics, Pure Tungsten signal conductors, and Enigma Tuning Circuits, promising to enhance sound definition, were also incorporated in the new Element Series power cords.

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